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Extrawheel’s flagship product is a single-wheel bicycle trailer that serves not only as luggage transport but also as a safety feature for the cyclist, a unique offering worldwide. In the event of a major breakdown, the wheel from the Extrawheel bicycle trailer can be utilized as a spare wheel for the bike, allowing the journey to continue.

The Brave Solo is Extrawheel’s latest iteration of their bicycle trailer. It typically comes equipped with a high-quality front wheel. However, for the first time, the manufacturer now offers the option to purchase the bicycle trailer without a wheel. In this case, the user can choose to mount it as needed, either at the front or the rear of the bike.

Structural changes have been made to the trailer, resulting in increased rigidity, improved balance, and, consequently, better riding characteristics, including traction and stability. In line with the creators’ vision for Brave Solo to go wherever a bicycle can, modifications have been made to the fork connecting the bicycle trailer to the rear bike wheel. This fork is now more robust and rigid, eliminating vibrations and enhancing the joy of riding. Another innovation in this model is the ability to replace worn-out components of the drawbar used to attach the fork connecting the trailer to the bike, meaning that in case of mechanical damage, users won’t need to search for a workshop, as they can replace these components themselves.

Thin-walled steel tubes, when assembled into a compact frame structure, provide a high level of rigidity. Effective protection against road debris is ensured by the newly designed mudguard. Its design complements the trailer’s appearance and works well with the new warning flag featuring the Extrawheel logo. The package includes a stainless steel quick-release, but additional options to order nuts made of the same durable material or a Thru Axle adapter are available. The trailer is designed to accommodate a rear wheel with a 135 mm hub as standard, and spacer sleeves for front wheel installation are also included.

The large capacity of the bags with the Extrawheel logo requires a sturdy attachment to the trailer. This stability is provided by three KlickFix fasteners on the reinforced rear wall, which fit perfectly into the technical mounts on the frame. These technical mounts on the trailer come in handy when transporting loads that can be secured with regular straps.

The automation of the production process using digital equipment guarantees the full repeatability of parameters for every produced element, maintaining the highest quality standards. Proudly made in Poland.

  • Extremely rigid frame improving traction and enabling the transport of up to 100 liters of luggage.
  • Optionally available for purchase: Classic Premium 100L and Nomad Premium 60L bags.
  • Can accommodate panniers from other brands such as Ortlieb or Vaude.
  • Eye-catching design.
  • Function as a spare wheel for the bicycle – can be mounted as either a front or rear wheel.
  • The trailer is prepared as standard for a rear wheel with a 135 mm hub.
  • Spacer sleeves for front wheel installation are included in the package.
  • Designer mudguard.
  • Warning-colored flag with the Extrawheel logo.
  • Replaceable joints on the drawbar.
  • Standard quick-release included.
  • Nuts for full axles or rigid Thru Axle axles available for separate purchase.
  • Comes with a high-quality front wheel as standard (optional purchase without the wheel).
  • It is the only bicycle trailer on the market designed for off-road riding.
  • Compact dimensions facilitate transportation, especially by air.
  • Can carry loads of up to 35 kg.
  • Fits almost all types of bicycles (horizontal, road, MTB, tandems, and full suspension).
  • Puts less strain on the bike when loaded with traditional panniers.
  • Increases safety by attracting the attention of drivers.
  • Enhances stability by lowering the center of gravity.
  • Provides better traction for the front bicycle wheel on steep ascents.
  • Increases the lifespan of the rear bicycle wheel (less stress compared to a bike with panniers).
  • Reduces riding resistance in sand compared to a bike with panniers (third wheel).
  • Facilitates mounting and dismounting the bicycle; does not interfere with heels against panniers during rides.
  • Quick installation – attaches to the bicycle rapidly.
  • Maneuverability – its short length makes maneuvering and turning easy.
  • Front wheel in standard size: 26×2.1″ Schwalbe Smart Sam or 28×1.75″ Schwalbe Impact tire, Shimano hub, Ryde double-walled rim, 32 stainless steel Sapim Leader spokes, Schwalbe inner tube.
  • The trailer comes standard with the front wheel, also available as an option without the wheel.
  • The Brave frame can accommodate wheels up to size 29×2.6″.
  • Trailer materials: Thin-walled steel, stainless steel, plastic.
  • Spacer sleeves for the front wheel included in the package.
  • Trailer length: 85 cm.
  • Trailer length with fork: 128 cm.
  • Frame weight with mudguard: 2.5 kg.
  • Wheel weight: 2 kg.
  • Fork weight: 1.2 kg.
  • Quick-release weight: 120 g.
  • Extrawheel flag length: 70 cm.
  • Manufactured in Poland.
  • Excellent quality and reliability – 5-year warranty!
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