Velo Dunajec: The Most Beautiful Cycling Route in Poland

Velo Dunajec – the most beautiful cycling route in Poland?

Velo Dunajec bike route is one of the most beautiful and popular cycling routes in Poland. The Velo Dunajec bike route cycling trail, running from Zakopane to Wietrzychowice, attracts thousands of enthusiasts of both longer and shorter bike trips each year. What makes this route so special that it consistently evokes emotions and creates beautiful […]

Wyprawa rowerowa na Nordcapp

Nordkapp on Three Wheels: Kamil’s Remarkable Expedition

Cycling to Nordkapp Route and Duration Cycling to Nordkapp, the northernmost cape in Europe, lies several hundred kilometers beyond the Arctic Circle, where the Norwegian winds, rocky terrain, and ubiquitous reindeer dominate the landscape. So far, my journey to Nordkapp by bicycle has been the adventure of a lifetime, spanning 152 days from May 8th […]