Bicycle trailer MATE with NOMAD Premium panniers 60L


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3rd generation single wheel bicycle trailer Extrawheel MATE with NOMAD Premium panniers 60L

The muscular Mustang has been a diamond in Ford’s stable for 55 years. Star Hollywood and the fulfillment of automotive dreams of millions of Americans. From today a Mate trailer will be a brilliant in the Extrawheel stable – a muscle car for cyclists. Mate looks really impressive. The trailer hooked to the bike Fat Bike makes the perfect whole and is the hallmark of the owner, arousing the esteem and respect of every road user. However, appearance and prestige are not everything. Performance is also the matter here. Desert, glacier, prairie or bush are the perfect elements for this team. Experienced bicycle travelers will appreciate this, the most professional equipment for the trip. Anyone can be a proud owner of a Mustang; you do not have to be an athlete – hence its strength and popularity. Extrawheel Mate will also prove great in this role – on short trips in the city or outside the city. You can easily connect it to a fat bike with electric drive. In this option, even a poorly athletic father can become the hero of the family, taking his wife and children to a bivouac. His bike with a packed trailer will definitely make a great impression on the neighbors and will additionally allow for reaching your destination without getting tired, enjoying the surprise for the children.

The Mustang legend was born in 1964. Who knows if the legend of Extrawheel Mate – the star of the wilderness and the king on the market of bicycle trailers – is not being born in 2019 …

  • Eye-catching design
  • The only bike trailer in the world dedicated to Fat Bikes
  • Designer fender
  • Very rigid frame improving traction and allowing transport up to
  • 100 liters of luggage and up to 35kg of cargo.
  • The function of a spare bicycle wheel – as the ax 29×3 “and 26×5” wheels fit the trailer frame.
  • As standard the trailer is prepared for a 135 mm wheel.
  • A warning flag with Extrawheel logo
  • Interchangeable hinges on the drawbar
  • Two waterproof panniers of Cordura 2×30 liters are included
  • A new, stiffer fork
  • The Long quick-release lock with the width of 155-210mm included in the set.
  • Standard quick release lock, Full axle nuts or Thru Axle rigid axles available in a separate purchase
  • A good quality front wheel is in the standard set (can be purchased without a wheel)
  • It is the only bicycle trailer on the market adapted for off-road riding
  • Optimal dimensions facilitate transport (especially by air)
  • Dedicated to Fat bikes, but it can be attached to ordinary bikes
  • Less uses up a bicycle loaded with traditional panniers
  • Increases safety by catching attention of the drivers
  • Increases stability by lowering the center of gravity
  • On steep climbs, it keeps the front wheel of the bike on the ground better.
  • Increases the lifespan of the bicycle’s rear wheel (less load than a bicycle with panniers)
  • Reduces the cycling in the sand resistance compared with a bicycle with panniers (third wheel)
  • Facilitates getting on and off the bike; when riding your feet do not get hit on the panniers
  • Fast assembly – hooks to the bike instantly
  • Maneuverability – the short length makes it easier to maneuver and turn
  • 26×4 “front wheel in the standard set: Novatec hub, Star rim, 32 stainless steel Sapim Leader spokes, Schwalbe tube, enhanced Schwalbe Jumbo tire ,
  • Mate frame will fit wheels up to size 29×3 “and max. 26×5”
  • Trailer material: Thin-walled steel, stainless steel, plastic
  • Bag material: Cordura Made in Germany – high durability. The back of the panniers is made of resistant Tarpaulin 680g/m material in order to better maintain cleanliness and be resistant to conditions. Both fabrics produced in Germany
  • Trailer length: 90cm
  • The length of the trailer with fork: 130 cm
  • The weight of the frame with fender: 3.5 kg
  • Wheel weight: 2.5kg
  • Fork weight: 1.2kg
  • Weight of the Long quick-release lock (width 155-210mm): 125g
  • Weight of Nomad 60L panniers: 2,5kg
  • Extrawheel flag length: 70cm
  • Made in Poland
  • Reliability – 5 years warranty!
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