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Bicycle trailer Voyager PRO – single wheel for panniers

The Voyager trailer, adored by travelling cyclists and sold for many years in 72 countries, needed innovative new ideas worthy of the 21st century. Our enthusiasm in perfecting the old version of the trailer, tried and tested in so many difficult expeditions, led us much further than a mere facelift. The new Voyager PRO has finally been put through more than just cosmetic changes, taking on a completely new structure, modernised on every level. We have given the frame of the Voyager PRO an entirely new shape, in the form of an enclosed “cage”, which ideally increased its rigidity, traction conditions and sheer riding pleasure. The innovations introduced in the frame construction have also helped us add a handy clamp to hold the trailer. Unlike in the original version, we have envisaged space for two transport bags, easily attached using ordinary compression straps in a vertical position in front of the panniers, which not only increases the volume of baggage carried, but also lowers the centre of gravity of the load.

The fork which connects the Extrawheel to the bicycle is its most important element. This is why we put so much effort into the innovative new fork construction, which is far more rigid, and at the same time does not carry vibration, and improves the travelling experience due to much better traction. Also importantly, it is universal, suited not only to the Voyager PRO, but also to the top model Brave, as well as to all future Extrawheel models. After many tests of this unique solution in practice, we were left with such strong positive impressions that we guarantee similar experiences for all Extrawheel users.

The Voyager PRO bicycle trailer is perfectly suited to our company’s panniers, but can also be fitted with models from other brands with clamps designed for the standard 12 mm diameter tube. Extrawheel panniers are made of original cordura with glued stitching, providing durability and watertightness that easily compete with the best panniers on the market.

The Voyager PRO has benefited greatly from structural changes, as well as in design. Its appearance is now even more original and unique, with the company logo clearly visible on numerous elements emphasising its exceptional nature and country of origin – Poland. In spite of numerous changes to the appearance and functionalities of our trailer, its greatest asset remains unchanged – the Extrawheel, unique on a global scale, is still an object of admiration on every continent, attracting the attention of observers and inspiring a great sense of satisfaction in its users.

We ensure the highest quality of workmanship, thanks to the automated production process on CNC machines. This means that the repeatability of every element reduces the number of complaints or claims to virtually zero.

  • Eye-catching design
  • The very rigid frame improves traction
  • Spare wheel function – front wheel
  • Warning flag with the Extrawheel logo
  • Spare hinges on the drawbar
  • A new, more rigid Fasening Fork
  • Includes a quick release Standard
  • Nuts for full axis and Thru Axle axis available in separately purchase
  • A good quality front wheel as standard (available without a wheel)
  • This is the only bicycle trailer on the market adapted to off road cycling
  • Its small size makes it easy to transport (especially by plane)
  • It can carry up to 35 kg
  • Suitable for every type of bicycle (recumbent, racing bikes, MTB, tandems and with full suspension)
  • Less strain on the bike than with traditional panniers
  • Increases safety by attracting drivers’ attention
  • Improves stability by lowering the centre of gravity
  • On steep inclines, it holds the bike’s front wheel to the ground better
  • Increases the lifetime of the bicycle’s rear wheel (less encumbrance than a bicycle with panniers)
  • Reduces resistance when riding on sand compared to a bicycle with panniers (third wheel)
  • Makes mounting and dismounting easier; the heels do not catch on the panniers while riding
  • Fast assembly – fits onto the bicycle instantly
  • Manoeuvrability – its short length makes manoeuvring and turning easier


  • Front wheel as standard components: 26×2.1″ Schwalbe Smart Sam tire, 28×1,75″Schwalbe Land Cruiser PLUS tire, Shimano axle, rim capsolute Riedel, 32 spokes Sapim Leader stainless steel, Schwalbe tube,
  • Available without wheel too
  • The Voyager PRO frame is fit front wheels up to 29×2.6″ – For 29″ wheels, the fender must be removed
  • ATTENTION. Panniers and bags are available in a separate purchase. Photos with panniers and bags are only examples
  • Material: Thin-walled steel, stainless steel, plastic, cordura
  • Length of trailer: 85cm
  • Length of trailer with fork: 128 cm
  • Weight of frame with mudguard: 1,9kg
  • Weight of wheel: 2kg
  • Weight of fork: 1,2kg
  • Weight of quick release device: 120g
  • Length of Extrawheel flag: 70cm
  • Made in Poland
  • Reliability – 5 year warranty!
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