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About Extrawheel producer of bike paniers and bags

Our Company Extrawheel – Creating High-Quality and Safe Bicycle Accessories

At Extrawheel, quality is not just a promise; it’s our passion and commitment. Since 2005, we have been a presence in the bicycle accessory market, striving to create products that combine unique design, practicality, user comfort, and environmental consciousness. Our history is a testament to our relentless pursuit of perfection, with a focus on customer satisfaction and planet protection.

Our Passion for Quality: Quality is our primary goal at Extrawheel. Our products are not only practical but also exceptionally durable and elegant. Every element and detail is meticulously designed to meet the highest expectations of cyclists.

Unique Design: Our bicycle accessories stand out with their one-of-a-kind design. We ensure that they not only fulfill their functions but also serve as aesthetic additions to every bike. Our products are not just tools to facilitate bicycle journeys, expeditions, or short city getaways; they are also expressions of individual style.

Practicality in Focus: When designing our products, we always prioritize practicality. Extrawheel panniers, handlebar bags, and bicycle trailers are not only elegant additions but, above all, functional solutions that make traveling easier. Our solutions are carefully thought out to make your bicycle journeys even more comfortable.

Customer Satisfaction: Our customers are paramount to us. Their opinions and suggestions inspire us to improve our products continuously. That’s why we proudly offer a 5-year warranty on every product in our range. We want every cyclist to have confidence in using our top-quality products.

Environmental Care: At Extrawheel, we understand the importance of protecting our natural environment. Therefore, we implement eco-friendly solutions and carefully select suppliers who share our concern for the planet. Our products are created with minimal environmental impact in mind, so you can be sure you’re caring for our planet when using our accessories.

Innovation and Safety: We are constantly working on innovative solutions that not only enhance cyclists’ comfort but also ensure safety during journeys. Our products undergo rigorous testing to deliver accessories you can always rely on.

Our History: Our history is a continuous journey towards perfection. We started in 2005 as manufacturers of the single-wheel Extrawheel bicycle trailer, and today, our range includes a wide variety of bicycle accessories. Our achievements, such as receiving a patent, developing our collections of bicycle panniers and other bags, participating in prestigious trade shows, and introducing innovative welding technologies, are evidence of our ongoing commitment to excellence.

At Extrawheel, we know that a bicycle is not just a means of transportation; it’s also a way to explore the world and pursue passions. That’s why we combine quality, design, practicality, and environmental consciousness to provide products that help you in every bicycle adventure. Join us and discover how we can make your bicycle journeys even more extraordinary. Thousands of cyclists from around the world have already trusted us.

Our Achievements in Brief:

  • Extrawheel Beginnings (2005): Our journey began in 2005 when we introduced the revolutionary one wheel bike trailer to the market. This innovative design served not only as a spare wheel for bicycles but also as a symbol of our passion for travel.
  • Patent Acquisition (2008): In 2008, we were honored with a patent for our Extrawheel trailer by the Polish Patent Office, confirming the uniqueness of our product.
  • Voyager Series (2009): Another milestone in our development was the Voyager trailer series, which expanded our product range and provided cyclists with even more possibilities.
  • Bicycle Advertising Trailer (2010): In 2010, we introduced an advertising bicycle trailer to the market, offering modern marketing solutions for businesses and institutions.
  • Research and Development (2016): Since 2016, we have been intensely focused on research and development of new products, perfecting existing solutions, and planning the growth of our brand.
  • Rebranding (2018): In 2018, we successfully underwent a rebranding process, giving a modern image to our logo along with a unique symbol. It symbolizes a new approach to bicycle accessories.
  • Own Bicycle Panniers (2019): In 2019, we proudly introduced our own proprietary bicycle panniers Wayfarer, Rambler bags, and Sailor transport bags with a modern design, which have gained great recognition among cyclists.
  • Participation in EURO-BIKE Trade Show (2019): For the first time in 2019, we participated in the prestigious EURO-BIKE trade show in Friedrichshafen, Germany, where we showcased our products to audiences from across Europe.
  • Expanding Our Range (2020): In 2020, we continued to expand our product range, introducing Biker bicycle panniers with a classic design, remaining faithful to our consistent concept.
  • Innovative Welding Technology (2021): The initiation of work on a new high-frequency welding technology in 2021 marked another step in perfecting our products.
  • New Products (2023): In 2023, we launched a new collection of bicycle panniers and handlebar bags, utilizing the latest high-frequency welding technology, allowing us to offer even better products.

At Extrawheel, we continually strive for perfection because we are passionate about bicycles and bicycle journeys. Join our passion and discover Extrawheel.