We test our products and we cover all material defects and any defects related to the quality of production with a guarantee without fear.



A five-year, two-year or one-year warranty covers any defect or damage affecting the use of the Extrawheel trailer (or other products), including damage resulting from normal wear and discoloration of the material within 2 (two) years from the date of purchase by the original purchaser. The Extrawheel warranty gives the buyers of the trailers (or other products) certain rights, but does not affect the statutory rights that the buyer is entitled to due to the purchase of the defective product.



Repairs of the purchased product covered by the warranty by Extrawheel, replacement of the purchased and defective product, if the damage or defects can not be removed during the standard repair
offer a similar product with a comparable value or a refund of the product price paid if Extrawheel will not be able to replace the product with the same model.
The Extrawheel warranty does not cover the trailer defects with accessories created in circumstances beyond the control of Extrawheel, including defects caused by improper use or overloading of the trailer or its sacks, bags, panniers (and other products) or assembly, installation or use of the trailer or its accessory not in accordance with the Extrawheel written instructions, instructions or additional safety warnings (also regarding the permissible speed of the bicycle with the trailer). This warranty does not cover damage to the vehicle, electrical equipment or cargo carried by the user or damage to third parties and property.



The Extrawheel warranty applies to bicycle trailers and dedicated accessories manufactured by Extrawheel and sold to the original buyer as Extrawheel brand products. This warranty covers material or manufacturing defects and, depending on the type of product, is valid for a specified number of years from the date of purchase by the original retail purchaser. Below you can find information about the specific length of the combined warranty, separately for each type of product.

Subject to the limitations and exclusions contained in this warranty, Extrawheel will remove material or manufacturing defects during the warranty period by performing the necessary repair or replacement (at Extrawheel’s option) of defective parts of the purchased product without charging any part or repair work.



All models of Extrawheel bicycle trailers. The warranty covers the entire construction frame – 5 years
Spare parts for all Extrawheel models undergoing natural wear and tear – 2 years
Clothing for cyclists – 1 year
Panniers, sacks, bags and bags – 5 years
Tents and sleeping bags – 2 years
Other accessories – 2 years
Bicycle racks – 5 years



During the warranty period, all purchased products (as in the table above) will not be responsible for any damage or defects resulting from typical wear (eg wear of tires and tubes, electrical parts, surface damage, wear of zip tapes, damaged fasteners, flaking layers of paint and discoloration due to improper use), etc.
Extrawheel is not liable for damages resulting from improper use of purchased products (such as tears, cuts and holes in the material) and for cosmetic damage (such as scratched or stained material).
Other damage not covered by the warranty is damage caused by airlines (or other carriers) or other damage caused during transport (such as damage due to pressure, tearing, cuts and holes in the material, handles and other packaging components). Claims for damage caused during transport should be directed to the selected carrier.
The buyer will cover the cost of returning items / products (including proof of purchase) to the place where they were purchased.



Please – deliver the purchased product along with the proof of purchase and completed complaint notification to the point of sale of the product (dealer, national distributor or Extrawheel online store). The complaint will be processed quickly and, in most cases, the problem will be solved by the dealer, distributor or our online retail store. If it is necessary to investigate more precisely the cause of the product defect, the dealer or distributor will send it back to Extrawheel.

Step 1: fill out the complaint form
Step 2: thoroughly clean the purchased product and find a receipt
Step 3: deliver the purchased product with a receipt and / or other proof of purchase, a form to the dealer, distributor or Extrawheel
Step 4: If the product was not purchased directly from the Extrawheel online store, the dealer or distributor submits a claim to the customer service department at Extrawheel
Step 5: Extrawheel customer service resolves the complaint and forwards the decision to the dealer or distributor
Step 6: The dealer or distributor contacts you