Bicycle Partners

Collaboration with Bicycle Travel Enthusiasts

A bicycle is more than just a means of transportation; it’s a lifestyle that allows us to explore new places and experience adventures. At Extrawheel, we believe that long bicycle journeys and short rides on bike paths hold immense significance in our lives. That’s why they play a pivotal role in our sponsorship strategy. We aim to support and promote this extraordinary passion, which is why we collaborate with bicycle travelers at various stages of their adventures.

Our Product Offering

In our extensive product range, you will find a variety of bicycle accessories tailored to cycling expeditions:

  • Bicycle Panniers: Our bike bags are an essential part of every cycling enthusiast’s equipment. We offer a wide selection, from durable rear rack bags to spacious handlebar bags that allow for convenient storage of essential items within arm’s reach. Our bike panniers are not only spacious and robust but also waterproof, protecting your valuable belongings from rain and moisture. They withstand challenging terrain conditions, ensuring reliability on every route.
  • Bike Trailers: For those dreaming of taking more gear with them, our one wheel bicycle trailers are the perfect solution. They enable the transportation of additional equipment that may be necessary for multi-day or long-distance journeys. Our trailers are solidly built and provide comfort on various types of terrain.
  • Dry Bags: Our transport dry bags are an excellent way to store and transport equipment, clothing, or other essential items during bicycle journeys. Available in different sizes and capacities, they guarantee safe storage and easy transport.
  • Handlebar Bags: For individuals who value easy access to essential gadgets while riding, we offer comfortable handlebar bags. They provide an ideal place to store maps, mobile phones, snacks, and other small accessories.

Our product range has been carefully selected to meet the diverse needs of bicycle travelers. Regardless of the type of journey, Extrawheel offers the right equipment to ensure your comfort and convenience during every cycling adventure.

Achieving Personal Goals, Records, and Dreams: At Extrawheel, we believe that a passion for bicycle travel can lead to the accomplishment of many goals and dreams. By supporting our customers, we strive not only to provide exceptional equipment but also to assist in achieving their own goals, setting records, and fulfilling bicycle travel dreams. We take pride in being part of these incredible achievements and supporting our customers at every stage of their cycling adventure.

Collaborate with Extrawheel: If you are a bicycle adventure enthusiast, write compelling stories, or capture excellent photographs, and have your own social media presence or blog, we want to hear from you. We are open to various forms of collaboration and support. Depending on the value of your project and the platforms where you plan to publish your articles and photos, we offer attractive discounts on purchases in our store or even full sponsorship.

Sponsorship Inquiry: If you have an exciting idea and are interested in collaborating with Extrawheel, don’t hesitate to contact us. Send your sponsorship inquiry to Join us!