Privacy Policy



In our serwise Extrawheel.com, the provision of all personal data, and consent to their processing are completely voluntary. All personal data provided by users is processed by us only to the extent and for the purpose for which the user of our site has agreed. In a special case, when the user has decided not to provide personal data necessary to perform the order and does not consent to their further processing, we will not be able to process his order.
Important note: at any time, Extrawheel.com user has the right to update or completely delete their personal data. You can do it yourself, or ask for help from our side – we will gladly provide it. For our part, we also ensure that Extrawheel.com adheres to a strictly restrictive personal data security policy. Their placement on the site is completely safe and the Extrawheel.com store makes every effort to ensure that the level of security is higher and higher over time. We also hope that learning about the privacy policy of our website will strengthen the sense of security of each user and will allow you to use the site without any worries about interference in their privacy.