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Extrawheel: Bicycle Accessories – Your Source for the Highest Quality:

Extrawheel is a renowned manufacturer of bicycle accessories, including high-quality bicycle panniers, bicycle trailers, handlebar bags, waterproof transport bags, and other essential bicycle accessories for both bike trips and everyday use. Since 2005, we have been providing innovative solutions for cycling enthusiasts who value comfort, reliability, and unique design. Our offering is a symbol of quality, modernity, and environmental consciousness.

Unique Design and New Technologies: At Extrawheel, our priority is unique design and the use of the latest technologies. Our panniers, bike bags, and bicycle trailers are not just tools; they are also expressions of aesthetics and modernity. We strive for continuous improvement by introducing innovations that enhance the comfort and efficiency of bicycle accessories.

Meticulous Details and the Best Components: In our philosophy, details matter, so every element of our bicycle panniers and bike trailers is carefully perfected. We prioritize the highest quality, using the best components, both Polish and German. This guarantees not only reliability but also the durability of our bicycle accessories.

Passion for Creation and Production in Poland: At Extrawheel, we operate with passion and dedication, which translates into the high quality of our accessories. We are proud that our production takes place in Poland, allowing us to maintain control over every stage of the process and provide bicycle accessories of the highest quality.

Best Materials and Product Collections: Our designers and engineers use the highest quality materials, such as polyester and Cordura, to create durable and resilient bicycle accessories. Our product range includes various collections that cater to different needs of cyclists, from bicycle panniers and bike bags to handlebar bags and transport bags, even to single-wheel bike trailers.

Tailored to Your Requirements: We understand that every cyclist has their own individual needs and preferences. That’s why our bicycle accessories are tailored to various riding styles and types of bicycles, from urban recreational bikes to mountain bikes and e-bikes. Regardless of your requirements, Extrawheel has the right product for you.

Stylish and Eco-friendly: Our bicycle panniers and handlebar bags are not only functional but also reflect current fashion trends. At the same time, our priority is an ecological approach to production, aiming to minimize our impact on the natural environment.

With Extrawheel, you’ll discover the world of cycling adventures in an entirely new way. Join us and feel the difference that our products can make in your bicycle journeys.

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Bicycle Accessories Extrawheel
Bicycle Accessories

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Extrawheel Bicycle Panniers:

Our bike bags are more than just practical accessories accompanying you on every two-wheeled adventure. They are professional bicycle panniers designed to meet your highest expectations. They stand out with unmatched durability and functionality. Each of our bicycle panniers is meticulously designed and crafted from top-quality materials like polyester and Cordura, ensuring not only durability but also resistance to challenging conditions. Whether you’re navigating narrow city streets or exploring the wild corners of the world, Extrawheel panniers will rise to your challenges.

Handlebar Bike Bags:

Our handlebar bags are the perfect solution for those who want to keep their essentials within easy reach. Known for their exceptional design and unique functionality, they make the ideal companion for every cycling expedition. Made using traditional sewing methods, with seams additionally sealed and reinforced with special waterproof tape, they provide not only style but also durability.

Extrawheel Bicycle Trailers:

Extrawheel has been specializing in manufacturing single-wheel bicycle trailers since 2005. We are the world’s only provider of luggage bicycle trailers with a large wheel, which means that the extra wheel serves not only as a backup but also as a spare. Our bicycle trailers are compatible with virtually every type of bike, from urban recreational to road bikes, trekking bikes, mountain bikes, and even carbon fiber bikes, tandems, or unconventional models.

Why Choose Extrawheel:

  • Quality and Attention to Detail: Our bicycle accessories are carefully crafted from components sourced from Germany and Poland, ensuring the highest quality.
  • Comfort and User-Friendliness: We design our products with users in mind, prioritizing their comfort and convenience during every cycling adventure.
  • Unique Design: Our accessories not only fulfill their functions but also stand out with exceptional designs that catch the eye.
  • Meeting Quality Standards: Our company is committed to delivering the highest quality products, as evidenced by our 5-year warranty.
  • Ecological Responsibility: At Extrawheel, we strive to minimize the environmental impact of our production. We continuously innovate and aim for perfection by implementing new ideas and technologies.
  • Accessories for Every Cyclist: Our products are tailored to the needs of both experienced cyclists and those embarking on their cycling journey.
  • Testing in the Toughest Conditions: Each of our products undergoes rigorous testing in the most challenging conditions to ensure the highest quality and reliability.
  • Our History and Mission: Get to Know Us Better. Visit the About Us section to learn more about our company, mission, and passion. There, you’ll find information about our team, history, and values. We warmly welcome you to get acquainted

Extrawheel is more than just bicycle products; it’s a pathway to an even better and more comfortable two-wheeled adventure. Join us and explore the world with Extrawheel!