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Extrawheel has been producing single wheel bicycle trailers since 2006. As the only one in the world, we offer trailers on a large wheel. And it is also a spare wheel for a bicycle. Extrawheel bicycle trailers fit almost any bicycle, because we have a patented secial Fastening Fork (drawbar) that connects bicycle and trailer. Extrawheel trailers can be attached to both a recreational city and road bike, but also a trekking, gravel or a mtb b-k. They will also fit carbon bikes, tandem or other unusual models, e.g. recumbent ones. Since the standard wheel in the trailer is perfect for off-road and gravel road. It is worth combining Extrawheel trailers with mountain and enduro bike. Interestingly. Our trailers are also great for the recently fashionable fatbikes and e-bikes.
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