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Extrawheel has been producing unique single-wheel bike trailers since 2006. We have a reason to name our company Extrawheel: our bicycle trailers, as the only ones in the world –and this is our patented invention – are mounted on a large wheel, which in an emergency situation the biker can use as a spare wheel. Extrawheel bicycle trailers fit almost every type of bike - from recreational city and road bike to fat tyre bikes and e-bikes. Bike trailers can also be combined with non-standard models, for example tandems or recumbent bicycles. Thanks to their construction, Extrawheel bike trailers are the best choice for off-road trips, so it is quite natural that they fit perfectly to various models of trekking bikes and mountain bikes (MTBs). To have satisfaction using our bicycle trailers, you should simply choose the model of trailer that best suits your preferences and activity. Among their many advantages, users of Extrawheel bicycle trailers will appreciate the most important one. Our trailers are extremely easy to install: you connect them to the bicycle by a fork. The forks are made of hardened spring steel and reduce the vibrations. They fit all wheel sizes.
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Extrawheel Bike bag BIKER Premium Grey 50L Cordura

Extrawheel Bike bag BIKER Premium Grey 50L Cordura

The Biker Premium panniers with a capacity of 50 liters (a pair) fit on both the front and the rear bike rack and are equally suitable for shopping in the city as for demanding bike tours. Biker Premium is not only universal but also almost indestructible. After being rolled up four times, the panniers are fully waterproof even in heavy…

Bike trailer MATE with CLASSIC Premium 100L bags

Bike trailer MATE with CLASSIC Premium 100L bags

New for 2022. Description soon.

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All Extrawheel bicycle trailers overcome obstacles like good MTBs and always – even in the most difficult terrain – ride perfectly. Using them is much safer than loading luggage on a bicycle: it doesn’t matter what kind of surface they move on – roots, cobblestones, jumps or puddles – the trailers are invariably stable. This is because the one large wheel always follows the bike and the flexible fork is an excellent shock absorber.

A very important element of the equipment of a bicycle trailer is luggage. To Extrawheel trailers you can match your own panniers or purchase dedicated Extrawheel bicycle panniers.

Bike bags with the Extrawheel logo are not only waterproof, but also stand out due to their modern design and excellent quality, extremely durable materials. The panniers are protected against mud and other dirt with wings. It is worth noticing that towing a trailer with panniers weighs down the bicycle less than carrying the necessary items on a bicycle rack.
Extrawheel bike trailer are made in Poland from the best components, which all have a five-year warranty. The quality and the unique design of Extrawheel products are recommended by long-distance travellers and city cycling enthusiasts alike. And these users of our products inspire us to develop our company and search for new designs and solutions. However, it is not only innovations which make trips around the world easier, but also the increasing availability of Extrawheel products. They are already on the market in 76 countries!