Bags Extrawheel NOMAD Premium 60L dedicated to the BRAVE and MATE trailers


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Extrawheel Nomad Premium bicycle panniers, made of Cordura, are exclusively designed for single-wheeled, company-branded Extrawheel Brave and Extrawheel Mate bicycle trailers. They have a capacity of 60 liters. The ample capacity of Nomad panniers requires a robust attachment to the trailer, and this is ensured by the presence of three KlickFix fasteners on the reinforced rear wall, which fit perfectly into the technical mounts on the trailer’s frame. Durable Cordura and sealed seams provide the Nomad Premium bicycle panniers with excellent durability and reliable waterproofing. Nomad panniers are rolled up in the classic way with four rolls, preventing water from entering the bags during rain or river crossings. The mentioned technical handles on the trailer prove to be very useful for securing various loads with regular straps.

Large reflective elements are placed on each Extrawheel Nomad Premium pannier, significantly enhancing safety while cycling. Additionally, the ease of maintaining the bicycle panniers in a clean condition adds to the overall comfort. Produced in Poland.

  • Eye-catching design.
  • Full waterproofness when rolled four times.
  • Easy to maintain cleanliness.
  • Designer appearance tailored to Extrawheel Brave and Mate trailers.
  • Capacity of 2 x 30 liters.
  • Cordura (PREMIUM products) – the most durable fabric material in the world.
  • Panniers are super reliable thanks to the world’s strongest fabric.
  • Less prone to abrasion, making them more waterproof.
  • Sealed seams enhance the waterproofness.
  • Can also be used individually.
  • Equipped with large reflective elements.
  • Pannier Material: Cordura Made in Germany – high durability. The rear wall of the panniers is made from resilient Tarpaulin material with a density of 680g/m for even better cleanliness maintenance and resistance to conditions. Both fabrics are produced in Germany.
  • Nomad 60L pannier weight: 2.4kg.
  • Dimensions of a single Nomad pannier (W x H x D): 62/45 x 46/24 x 20cm.
  • Made in Poland.
  • Reliability – 5-year warranty!
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