How to choose a bicycle trailer?

Voyager PRO bike trailer

Perfect for the city or short trips, but also on a longer travels

  • budget friendly
  • very light
  • compatible with extrawheel bike bags and other companies panniers
  • straps included in the set allows to fasten additional bags
  • the front wheel of the trailer is a spare

BRAVE bike trailer

How to choose a bike trailer?

  • Voyager PRO bicycle trailer:

It works perfectly in the city and during short trips, but it also passed the exam during many months of travel:

  • the cheapest in the range
  • very light
  • compatible with Extrawheel and other bicycle panniers
  • straps included in the set allow you to attach additional bags
  • the front wheel of the trailer is also a spare for the bicycle

2) BRAVE bike trailer

The most universal model, especially recommended for long trips. The trailer has a set of panniers.

  • panniers with a capacity of 100 liters in the set, matching the design to the rest of equipment with Extrawheel logo
  • Extrawheel fender fits wheels from 26 “to 29” x 2.4 “
  • you can fit the front or rear wheel as a spare

See the user manual of our bike trailers –“A Guide to Bicycle Trailers”.

  • MATE bike trailer

Designed for fat tyre bikes. It looks muscular when fitted with Extrawheel’s panniers. Perfect for off-road riding. It is an unprecedented sight, an eye-catching trailer, and a love interest for many cyclists.

  • includes designer Extrawheel panniers with a capacity of 100 liters
  • you can attach a trailer to other bikes when traveling
  • the front wheel of the trailer is a spare

Among the many advantages, users of bicycle trailers will surely appreciate the most important one: extremely simple and quick assembly. The bike trailer is connected to the bicycle with a bicycle fork (drawbar). Made of hardened, sprung steel, the fork has two functions – it not only secures the trailer, but also dampens all vibrations, which significantly improves the comfort of riding with an attached bicycle stroller. Drawbars are universal – they fit every wheel size: from 20” to 29”, to 2.3”.

For all models of trailers, we offer our own bicycle panniers made of the best, extremely durable German materials – polyester and cordura (premium). We produce the trailers in Poland, and all of them have a 5-year warranty.